Apple Valley Resort, situated on the National Highway, 6 kms from the Bhuntar Airport, is the ideal retreat. For a dream of holiday and a relaxation retreat by the river side, away from the urban life. The resort is a hamlet of cottages, with a luxury accommodations in each cottage.

Be it a family, longing for a holiday, or a couple on honeymoon or a business delegation for a conference, Apple Valley Resort has something for everyone. The front desk introduces you to the services of the resort. After a friendly check-in, you are escorted to you cottage by the river side.



The river bank makes an exclusive impact for the resort premises. In the scorching heat of summers people long for such soothing experience.

Apple Valley Resort is nestled amongst spectacular majestic Himalayas that have matchless views of lush green forests and landscapes.

Everything adds to a great experience! A well-designed concept of resort cottages makes everyone elated and good at heart. The rich interiors and exclusive wood work presents aesthetic sensibility to the whole atmosphere.



The guests with a taste for exclusive holiday experience and seeking peace and tranquility tend to become hooked.

" The most therapeutic thing about Apple Valley Resort is to have the mind get still," there is definitely the energy behind this place, natural surroundings with the river side that makes it more of a healing place than just an ordinary resort.